Hello! I’m a new blog - a music blog. 

Actually, if I’m more specific, I’m a person - an aromantic ace - who runs a new blog. I’ve always kind of been on the search for music that wasn’t romance themed. Not music that’s anti-love, or anti-romance, or anti-dating or any of that - music that just is, and happens to not have romantic themes. 

I’ve begun collecting some such music on my blog - if you’re interested in scrolling through and listening to different sorts of music, come over and take a listen! Or, if you know of any songs that might fit this, I’m always looking for more. 

Anyway, this is something I felt sort of in the need for, so I figured others might feel the same. Aro, ace, or no. It’s by no means only for aromantics or only for aces, so feel free to spread the word beyond?