Songs without romantic Themes. See Links below for more Info.
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    Nonromantic Songs' YouTube Channel

    Sorry for the inactivity as of late, not 100% sure when this hiatus of sorts will end.

    I have, however, put all of the songs currently on the blog into a YouTube Playlist found here so you may listen to a playlist of songs without romantic or sexual themes at your leisure. Enjoy!

  2. 25 Die Fantastischen Vier

  3. Everywhere You Look Jesse Frederick

  4. Daylight Matt & Kim

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    Aromantic tag followers, please read!

    Hello! This is Nonromanticsongs, a music blog posting, well, just that, actually - songs without romantic themes. (You may have seen me in this tag before.)

    In fact, it’s this tag I had a question about - this blog posts music without romantic and / or sexual themes once a day. (I try for once a day, but it’s sometimes less.) You can read more about the nature of this blog and songs in ‘About the Songs’ (linked) and in my FAQ

    An aromantic ace myself, I’m always on the search for music that’s not romance themed (Not music that’s anti-love, or anti-romance, or anti-dating or any of that - music that just is, and happens to not have romantic themes). Now that I’ve created a blog to help organize these and realizing that there are others searching for such songs, I’ve wondered if it might be of interest for me to start posting the songs I find without romantic themes in the “aromantic” tag too. 

    But before I do so, I was hoping to survey the aro community and see if this would be considered more helpful or more annoying. Keeping in mind that these posts are once a day or less, please vote at the following link:

     (If the link doesn’t work please let me know!)


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    Midnight Rider Allman Brothers Band

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    A Better Son/Daughter Rilo Kiley

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    So Leicht so Schwer Andreas Bourani

  9. Night Walks Black Mountain

  10. Wheels Fink